RL Brehm & Associates, LLC

Information Systems Consultants


Remote DBA Service

RL Brehm & Associates will provide a "virtual" DBA for your Supra/PDM or Supra/SQL database.  Many Supra database clients are supporting mature database applications that do not require a fulltime DBA.  Our Remote DBA Service will provide a qualified Supra/PDM or Supra/SQL DBA with years of experience in developing and maintaining these databases.  Service includes montitoring database performance, maintaining schema definitions, and expanding database files.

Deploy Mantis Applications as Web Pages and Web Services

RL Brehm & Associates has experience assisting Mantis Clients with the depolyment of their Mantis application portfolio as Web Pages.  The recent releases of Mantis can publish existing Mantis screens as Web pages with no modifications.  However, they still look like the original character screens.  RL Brehm & Associates can assist the customer with training for enhanced deploment of the appications screens as Web Pages. We can provide training ans assistance with the development of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and enhancing page behavior with JavaScripts.


The new releases of Mantis also support developing Web Services in Mantis.  RL Brehm & Associates, LLC can provide the training and assistance with the design and development of Mantis Web Services applications that allow clients to provide controlled access to their Centralized Mainframe content and services

Object Design and Object Application Development

RL Brehm & Associates has over twenty years experience with designing and developing Object-Oriented applications.  Development languages include Visual Works Smalltalk, Object Pascal (Delphi), MS Visual Basic.net and the MS .NET framework

Database Conversion

RL Brehm & Associates, LLC has experience with migrating database content between database platforms.  We have developed a highly automated process for converting Supra/PDM databases to SQL database.  The process migrates the data to native SQL tables, and updates the program access to use the appropriate SQL commands to process the database.  This includes converting the Supra/PDM RDM access command to routines that process several SQL command to produce the same result as the RDM View.

Mantis Conversion

RL Brehm & Associates, LLC has experience converting Mantis CICS applications to CICS Command Level COBOL.  We have developed a highly automated process for converting Mantis applications to Command Level COBOL.  The converted programs are psuedo conversational and have a strong resemblance to the original Mantis program.